About Bearded Collies US

They say ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’. But when you think of getting a dog, it’s important to do your research. While it’s true that every dog you choose will love you infinitely, picking any dog may cause a lot of troubles. Some dogs require medical attention regularly, some require grooming while some need much more time outside than the others. If you pick a dog that’s not right for you, it may be difficult to return the love that your dog deserves.

I’ve created working-beardies.at to help you determine if you should pick a bearded collie. As a veterinarian, I’ve seen many instances when the dog has not had the attention it needed with, unfortunately, sad consequences.

If you want to take risk then better risk on online poker instead of risking your dogs health and happiness.

Bearded Collies are fantastic companions but they are certainly not right for everybody. It has long hair so, if not visiting dog groomer, you will have to brush it often. It’s a family dog but hey do love being outside which means you will also have to take frequent baths.

If you’re still thinking about a beaded collie, check out the rest of the website where you will find out much more about this breed and I am sure that you will fall in love with it. First of all, check out Good to Know page.

I also created pages for breeding and training. Breeding contains information about breeding bearded collies as well as puppies for sale that I have at that moment. Bearded collies are really smart and will be big helpers if you train them right. To know more about it, visit Training page.

I also created a page about movies featuring bearded collies. I understand that sometimes before getting a dog you want to see it in real life. Although, it’s not always available in real life, you can watch YouTube clips or watch a movie featuring that breed to get a better understanding.